The VidIQ Blueprint: A Full Strategy for $7,000 Weekly Earnings Without a Website!

The VidIQ Blueprint: A Full Strategy for $7,000 Weekly Earnings Without a Website!

Hey, it’s Mo RezaAli. Today, let’s dive into the ever-changing world of online opportunities, where the chance to make money without a website or any upfront investment is exciting. I want to walk you through a step-by-step tutorial, shining a light on VidIQ, a nifty tool crafted to boost your visibility on YouTube. And guess what? We’re about to uncover a secret formula that’s helped folks pull in a whopping $7,000 per week using just one AI bot.

how to make money with VidIQ
learn how to make money with VidIQ

Decoding VidIQ: Opportunities Beyond YouTube Monetization

VidIQ, primarily recognized for assisting content creators in acquiring more views and subscribers on YouTube, goes beyond the conventional utility for creators like myself. This tool aids in uncovering relevant keywords, brainstorming video ideas, and analyzing competitors. However, the real gem lies in its affiliate program, offering a lucrative 50% recurring monthly commission for every signup through your unique affiliate link.

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The Power of Referral: Seizing Opportunities in a Vast Market

With over 100 million active YouTube channels, the growing popularity of content creation presents a vast market. By referring creators to VidIQ, even a modest number of signups through your link can translate to significant earnings, reaching up to $7,000 per week.

The Strategy: Connecting with Small Creators

To kickstart this strategy, head to YouTube and search for any keyword relevant to your niche. Filtering by the last hour reveals small creators posting videos on a specific topic. The goal is to assist these budding channels in gaining more views and subscribers.

Crafting Your Outreach: A Copy-Paste Email Guide

Before contacting creators, use Chat GPT to generate a compelling email. Express your admiration for their content, highlight your role in helping creators amplify their reach, and offer a free guide to growth. The goal is to pique their interest without a hard sell.

Email Template:

Hey [Creator’s Name],

I love your videos! I specialize in helping creators like you get more views and grow their channels fast. Interested? Let me send you a free guide!

[Your Name]

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Use SEO Magic: Create Article for Maximum Impact

Let us explore the formula for creating an SEO-friendly article using Chat GPT.
1. Title: How to Get More Views on YouTube Fast
2. Introduction: Crafted for engagement and relevance.
3. Article Formula and Outline: Follow the provided structure with slight modifications to tailor it to your selected title.
4. Publication: Post the article on Medium, ensuring to insert a compelling call to action with your VidIQ affiliate link.

Amplifying Results: Emailing the Article to Creators

Once your article is live on Medium, copy the URL and revisit YouTube. Continue emailing small creators, offering the free guide contained in your Medium article. The call to action within the article guides them to sign up for VidIQ through your referral link.

Wrap Up: Transforming Views into Profits

In conclusion, the synergy between VidIQ,, and targeted outreach to small creators offers a pathway to substantial online earnings. By helping others succeed, you can build a passive income stream through VidIQ affiliate program.

FAQs – Earn Money with VidIQ

1. Is VidIQ only for YouTube creators?
While VidIQ is renowned for assisting YouTube creators, its affiliate program opens earning opportunities for anyone.

2. How many signups are needed to reach $7,000 per week?
The beauty of this strategy is that even a modest number of signups can lead to significant weekly earnings. It is more about the quality of referrals.

3. Do I need to invest money to implement this strategy?
No, this strategy emphasizes leveraging free tools like VidIQ and, requiring no upfront investment.

4. Can I use this approach for other affiliate programs?
Absolutely! The outlined strategy can be adapted for various affiliate programs by adjusting the content to fit the specific offering.

5. Is this method sustainable in the long run?
Yes, as long as creators you refer to VidIQ remain subscribed, you will continue earning reoccurring commissions, making it a sustainable income stream.

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